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I make custom patches within 10 business days.
My patches use high quality German threads, so the number of colors for an individual order is strictly limited.
Currently the following colors are available: silver, gold, red, orange, blue.

Approximate prices:

Patch size less than specified Cost of the first patch Cost of the second and subsequent patches
5 x 5 cm or 10 x 2.5 cm 8-10$ 3-5$
10 x 5 cm 10-15$ 5-7$
10 x 10 cm 15-20$ 7-10$
28 x 10 cm 40-50$ 20-30$
20 x 20 cm 50-60$ 25-35$
28 x 20 cm 60-80$ 30-45$

To order, fill out the order form, attaching image of the patch you need. I will calculate the cost and send it to your email, you can pay via Paypal.

It is advisable to attach an image of this type, if the patch should be multicolored, color the image in the desired colors.

You can order custom patch by template


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