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Instructions for ironing

The instructions for attachment only apply to embroidered textile patches, leather patches can only be sewn on.

Before you iron something on your garment, please check what material it is made of. patches can be ironed onto cotton, cotton blends, velor, denim and wool.

DO NOT apply patches to waterproof rainwear, rayon, nylon, velvet, acrylic, mink, leather, vinyl, or other fabrics with gears, elastics, or heat sensitivity. If you are unsure, test with the iron on a hidden seam or hem to see if the fabric will take the heat without damage.


1) Preheat the iron and position the patch in the desired location on the fabric.
2) Place a thin cloth over the patch.
3) Place the iron on the fabric over the patch and apply firm pressure for about 20-25 seconds.
4) Turn the garment inside out and iron the area behind the patch with firm pressure for 20-25 seconds.
Allow the area to cool for 48 hours and the ironing process is complete.
Washing is allowed at a maximum temperature of 40°C.

Although our patches are made with the best iron-on adhesive from the German company Gunold, they can peel off after repeated washing and/or rough treatment.
We therefore recommend sewing a patch.