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All patches presented on this website are produced by me.

My patches are made using equipment supplied by Japanese company Janome.
These patches are made only from the best materials:
Polyester embroidery threads and hot melt glue are supplied by Gunold – a German company and one of the world’s leading producers of embroidery threads;
My main material for production is a high-quality 100% polyester felt from Shinwon Felt, a Korean company that has been into felt production since 1965 and has its own research center. Shinwon Felt produces the best Felt in the world.

The hot-melt glue on the back of the patch allows the patch to be glued to clothes using a regular pressing iron. It also prevents the embroidery from loosening or untying if the threads are damaged.

Advantages of high-quality polyester embroidery threads:
— They do not fade over time;
— High abrasion resistance;
— Excellent tensile strength;
— Resistant to harsh detergents, chlorine and bleach.

Advantages of high-quality 100% polyester felt:
— Durable and wear-resistant material;
— Does not lose color or fade over time;
— Because felt isn’t woven, cut edges won’t fray. The edges will not unravel or look ragged as you cut and trim;
— Keeps its shape after washing, does not fade and does not stain the cloth when washing at 30-40°C in a washing machine;
— Felt patches are very dense and look solid unlike those rag-looking ones made of Oxford fabrics.

I have selected the most suitable materials for my patches, which can withstand any harsh, while attached on biker’s jackets and outfits.

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